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Lately, I've been feeling like a dinosaur. And not in the worrying about aging and crow's feet way, but in the world is moving so fast and I'm totally clueless about how anything works way. 

Thing is, I've never thought of myself as old-fashioned. Even the word 'old-fashioned' feels old-fashioned. I picture the ladies in Steel Magnolias saying it to their mothers who are scandalized by their off-the-shoulder dresses. But, I think I'm indeed old fashioned, or at the very least, I'm terrified of the future and like things to stay the same, and have always been slow to jump on the new developments of life. 

For example, when Myspace came out, right after I graduated from college, I was totally appalled by it. It seemed like the craziest, most narcissistic platform on the planet. Take a picture of...MYSELF?? By...MYSELF?? And put it on the INTERNET?? And then put lots of other pictures of everything ELSE I do on the Internet?? And tell people how I'm FEELING in the moment?? I'm feeling that it's none of your business how I'm feeling! But, a few of my less grumpy friends jumped right on it. This is great! What a great way to keep in touch and know what people are up to! They used HTML to decorate their pages with sparkly Chanel logos and made it so their profiles played songs like "Where Is the Love" by the Black Eyed Peas (when their boyfriends broke up with them.) I, of course, had no problem looking at people's pages and gawking at their willingness to share...until eventually, I warmed up to the idea and got a Myspace myself and subsequently spent hours looking for different 'skins' for my page. Skins. 

When checking in happened, I really thought about just shutting it all down. CHECKING IN?? CHECKING IN?? I'm going to tell everyone exactly where I'm am at the very moment that I'm there?? I won't even accept gum from people I don't know because of tales of razor blades in apples and LSD-laced Jolly Ranchers instilled in me from my trick-or-treating days, and YET, YET I'm going to tell the whole world where they can find me in case they want to do something terrible to me?? WHY does this make ANY SENSE? Lo and hold, however, many friends and acquaintances began checking-in as if it were entirely normal. (I still refuse to check-in, unless there's a discount incentive involved). Recently, I actually contemplated walking into Mr. Chow in NYC to "accidentally" to bump into Fredrik Eklund, my reality TV crush, when Instagram told me he was eating there with his hottie husband Derek Kaplan. I even told my cab driver to DIVERT DIVERT, but then got a hold of myself, and realized this was ludicrous behavior and went home instead. 

Twitter? It's been out for how long now? Almost a decade?? And I've only recently had to create an account for work, whereupon I told my colleague: Oh my God, have you been on this Twitter thing? It's actually super helpful and informative!! You can follow local organizations and know what they're up to and hear about sales and get news and hear from your favorite celebrities instantly! She looked at me as if I had just stepped out of the Delorean wearing a puffy, orange vest. 

Thing is, I want to be the person that has the foresight to hear about some new technology and think THIS IS THE FUTURE, I'm going to jump on that! But, I'm not. I'm the opposite. If I were at the meeting about Twitter, I would have scoffed and left to make calls on my Zack Morris cell phone. I recently toured a local high school whose students graduate knowing how to animate, code, create apps and have partnered with a local startup to learn how they developed a mobile DNA lab. Mobile. DNA. They are building an actual motorcycle that is controlled, while driving, by an iPhone app. I can't walk and text. 


You know what I was doing in high school?? Obsessing about my thighs and writing notes to my friends on actual paper which I folded into weird shapes that I was really proud of and physically HANDING them off between classes. That's what I was doing. 

I can't code. I can barely work my iPhone. I SUCK at Google. And to all terrifies me. When I told a friend about this school I visited, she said: Doesn't it make you feel great that there's a school in the city where kids are getting such an incredible education? I looked at her blankly. NO, it doesn't feel great! I'm a horrible, selfish person that is thinking about ME right now. ME. That's who! That tour made me realize that if I ever have kids, they are going to look at me the way I look at my mom when she can't figure out the remote control. 

Yet, there are folks my age and older in Silicon Valley and all over the world that are totally unafraid that the future is now, and that a 10th grader can swab the inside of my cheek and tell me if a child I conceive will be predisposed to any genetic abnormalities, during second period biology. I mean...I'm still getting over FaceTime. HELLO! We are looking at the people we are talking to on the phone. Not that long ago, that was something crazy sh*t that only the Jetsons could do, and we're all acting like it's old hat!

I usually wrap my columns up with some call to action for myself, or some solution or something to give myself a strategy to fix my problem...but I'm not sure I have one this time. Because even though I want to be cool and teach myself Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, I think I may have to just accept that I'm always going to be a bit leery of the next big thing.

See you in class! (But first, GET OFF MY LAWN!)

LITHE IS HIRING! 21 Oct 2014

  Lithe is HiringWe're looking for experienced babysitters to join our Old City, Main Line, and Rittenhouse teams! To inquire, email



Speaking of Lithe Built body parts. Do you Lithe regularly? If you do, you absolutely have incredibly strong, toned legs! And, some of you have the length that I could only dream of (See Meg, above). If you weren't born with legs for days (myself included), here are a few surprising little fitness and fashion tips that will make your legs next level:

I'm all about comfort, but wearing a heel really elongates your legs. Even just a little lift gives your legs a longer, leaner look. I’m a big fan of kitten and wedge heels. Both are comfortable and make my legs look longer the moment I step into them. Feet hurt?  Slip on a pair of Taryn Rose heels.  I have bunions and wide feet and my feet feel like a dream in them. 

Calf pumps (AKA Cheer Preps) are our signature cardio move that you simply cannot do enough of! Calf Pumps balance the legs muscularly and work every part of the leg, especially around the knee, calves, glutes, and hamstrings.

Nude shoes are timeless and versatile. Not only do they transition seamlessly from day to night, but also from season to season. Wear them with shorts, jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses. I always travel with a pair. Shoes that are the same color as your skintone create the illusion of longer legs because there is no visual break. In order to achieve this super streamlined effect, the pump should blend perfectly with your skintone. Think about nude pumps the same way you would about foundation – find one that works for you and matches your skintone.

Jeans that sit at your natural waist (right at the belly button) automatically give the illusion of longer looking legs. If you're petite and curvy stay away from the super high waisted trend, which tends to make you look wider and squat. 

Black is the magic word. I often live in head-to-toe black because it makes my legs look longer.

Endvy & Skinny Jeans/Sculpt workouts really elongate the legs and build your foundation. 

Glow: If your legs are bronze they immediately look longer. I get spray tanned once a month but you can also DIY at home. My favorite product for glowing legs is Tarte's Brazilliance. Apply it with the mitt provided before you head out and you’ll get a sleek, Summery glow that makes your legs look beautiful! 

Spanks work wonders to smooth out saddlebags and lengthen your legs.  

Image of Lithe Instructor Meg Grauzlis wearing Free People via Dom



Lauren Boggi in Vanity Fair Italia Lauren Boggi in Vanity Fair Italia

Lauren Boggi Vanity Fair Italia

Five reasons not to skip the gym! 


Lauren & Beyonce

You're gonna be crazy in love! Join Lauren and all the single ladies for a bootylicious Freestyle at Lithe Main Line this Friday at 6AM! 

Image of Beyonce via Google & Lauren via Dom



Image of Lithe Instructor Liz Galbally via Dom

HAPPY WEEKEND! 17 Oct 2014

So Cal sunset

Happy weekend from the West Coast!  Ahh...California. I feel so lucky that my work takes me here. I love the sun, "sleeping in" due to the time change, beautiful Santa Monica sunsets, and eating Lithe without even trying.  Stay tuned next week for a list of my local southern California eating Lithe recommendations and more shots from the weekend.

Image via Lauren


Lauren & Mars

Today I'm rapping about body love and words of wisdom from a toddler...

I think my three year old son Mars is soo cute. Like, I could just eat him up. When I ask him why he's so cute, he responds, "Because I'm perfect!" (!!!!?????!!). Now, I've never told him that he's perfect, but he truly believes that he is. And, as his mom, I really feel like I'm doing something right, which is not always the case. You can imagine my reaction when I heard that for the first time. I mean, how fantastic is that? And, he inspires me – my little boy has not one ounce of negativity in his head.  He really loves himself and thinks he's just perfect. We all should have that high level of self-love, right?

Many of us are finishing up our Fall Transformation (myself included), and some of us are just getting back into the studio, post-summer. Recently, there's been a lot of talk about our Stop Bitch moments, body image, what other Lithers do, do too much of, or don't do enough of, and what it means to be healthy and empowered. But behind all of this talk about being Lithe lies the heart of what it means to be healthy: Loving the skin you’re in, treating yourself right, and feeling empowered to question, challenge, and redefine your own self-view of beauty and wellness.  Loving the body you have, and working to improve your health and head is so important. In fact, many of you are already super-confident and intuitive. Here are a few emails that I've received over the past few weeks: 

Being healthy shouldn’t be about appearance, it should be about health.  

I'm all about improving myself and becoming healthy and fit.  Almost everyone I know should spend more time working out, and making lifestyle changes.  It's everything! 

Once I let go of trying to be thin and focused on the idea of loving my body, I became healthier.

This Fall Transformation has taught me so much about myself and my level of commitment.  I've never felt so great about myself.  I feel like me again.  I'm unstoppable!

Here’s what I think about loving your body. As women, we all struggle with self-confidence. There are always those little things we wish we could change about our bodies. Whether it’s wishing we had a six-pack, more defined arms,  or thinner thighs.  My approach has always been accept it, or act to change it. Because of this, I have always used my "imperfections" as motivation to work harder. Over the years I've learned to love and respect my body for what it is because it has been so good to me. It's gotten me through almost ten injury-free years of Lithe and allows me to burn the candle at both ends and work hard when I need to. It has given me my Mars, it takes me on walks every day, helps me sail a 50-foot catamaran every summer, and feels so strong invincible when I Lithe. 

And, in exchange, I treat my body the very best that I can. I live a healthy, balanced lifestyle by staying active and eating well. I let it rest at night, take Epsom baths and stretch to keep it flexible. On the weekends I have fun, give in to my cravings and just let go. 

So, this fall, as you're working towards your best you, remember that it does not mean that you're working to fit into a particular mold. Not a certain weight, size, or shape: YOU are perfect. Make that your mantra! You're working towards building that confidence muscle – which is the best possible way to learn to love the skin you’re in.

Image via Lauren & Mars via Jordan 

MISSION: LITHE! 16 Oct 2014

Mission-3Lets cheer her on!  Lithe Instructor Kalika starts a nine-day mission on Monday!  Kalika says:

Why am I doing a nine-day challenge? There are a few reasons, but most of all because I am a burlesque performer and I have a show coming up. During the weeks before a big show, I should be paying attention to my body – Lithing to keep my cardio endurance up and remain strong. I should be putting food into my body that fills me with energy. The reality is rehearsals run late and marathon costume-making sessions take up copious amounts of time. Working out (outside of teaching)? Forget it. Preparing food? Rarely.

Doing this challenge holds me accountable and forces me to make time to take care of my body. I want to feel my best on the day of the show. And yes, I want to look my best when I take my clothes off in front of 350 people. One of the amazing things about burlesque is that it celebrates all bodies, but that doesn't mean I don't want to look a certain way for ME!

Images via Lauren



It's a showdown on Saturday with Lithe Instructor Danielle Ingerman at Rittenhouse!  Who's driving the bus?


Lithe Tour Philly Tank

Attending Lithe Tour Philly?  This is the Limited Ed. Duke & Winston Lithe tank that you'll recieve! 


Lithe on Living Social

Check out this sweet deal!


Lauren Boggi on Refinery29

Read it here!






I have super-sensitive skin and rosacea, so while spa facials sometimes play a part in my skincare routine, I usually save face at home with natural ingredients.  In between visits to my aesthetician, I love to experiment with at-home masks and scrubs.

Is your skin changing with the cooler weather? Enter this DIY fall mask. Just like my Killer Scrub, this face mask uses only three ingredients – and you probably already have them in your kitchen! It really ups your glow factor and only costs a few pennies per treatment. Check it out:


  • 1 tablespoon of local, raw honey (antibacterial and hydrating)
  • 1 tablespoon ground oatmeal (soothing)
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (PH balancing)

If you're using Irish oats, break them down into a fine powder with a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle.  Then, mix, apply to face and decollete, leave on for 10-15 minutes, and rinse off with cool water. 



Lithe Spice

Happy Friday, Lithers!  Spice up your metabolism with Lior Lev Sercarz's Lithe No.1 spice blend of grapefruit, lavender, and ginger that's perfect for salads, veggies, and seafood. This week we're giving away a jar of our Lithe No.1 spice! 

For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us what you're hoping to see in the fridges this winter. One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter. One entry per person. Thank you, and good luck!

Image via Lauren





Mark your calendars! We're back in Philly and we're giving back to our city. On Saturday, November 8th from 11AM to 2PM, we're celebrating 10 years of Lithe with an awesome event open to all Philadelphians.  All classes will be donation-based, and all proceeds will go to the Eagles Youth Partnership

With a minimum donation of $20 (donate in-studio on November 8th), you'll experience an all new Lithe workout, drink Bend & Snap Skinny Heathen cocktails made with Art In The Age Snap spirit and Lithe Foods cold-pressed juice, listen to a live DJ, get a special edition Lithe tank from Duke & Winston, and receive a discount code for your next purchase.

Reserve your spot: Head on over to Lithe's Mindbody: Click on Services and then click on Lithe Tour. There will be no charge.  It's just like buying a complimentary first class.  Then, book your spot on the November 8th Rittenhouse schedule.  As timeslots fill up, we'll add additional classes. 

New to Lithe?  Create your own account and reserve your spot. 

Don't want to work out?  No problem. You can still celebrate with us!

If you no-show or late cancel:  Your $10 late cancellation fee will be donated to Eagles Youth Partnership.

LITHE IN NYC 9 Oct 2014


Reservations open!  Sign up here

LITHE LAB! 9 Oct 2014


The Lab is back this fall!  Lithe Lab is a creative 60-minute, small group workshop (4 people) for Lithers who are ready to take their practice to the next level.  Join Lauren and Tif as they riff with new, muscle specific CCS for superior calorie burn and sculpting utilizing bands, reformers, rebounders, and other equipment at Lithe OC.

1 class: $40  5 sessions: $190   Look out for it on the Old City schedule!


THE KEY TO LITHE! 8 Oct 2014

The Key To Lithe

We all know that Lithe is different.  Trying to navigate our studio schedules?  We can help!  Lauren creates workouts and programs the schedule, so that you achieve your best results without overworking muscle groups, or becoming imbalanced and injured.

What is Lithe? Our method is called Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting. CCS utilizes precise cheer-based movement to load muscles, produce a high cardio burn, and reduce fat zones all in a matter of 60 minutes. CCS targets all three zones of the body: the core, the lower body, and the upper body.  In each workout, you’ll accelerate your burn (and results) with Lithe’s Higher Power Band System (which adds 12 to 15 lbs. of resistance), light to medium weights (3 to 20 lbs.), and other Lithe-exclusive props. 

Every Lithe workout is total body, cardiovascular, and sculpting (think: sweaty).  Some workouts produce a higher cardio burn and some are more sculpting (slower and grounded), and everything can be modified and tailored for you.

Some Tips:

  • If you're an every day Lither, just show up – the key takes the guesswork out for you.  
  • If you Lithe less than three days a week, you can pick and choose. Oppositional workouts will be held in our smaller studios beginning November 1, 2014!
  • With CCS, it's best to alternate instead of rest. Alternating body parts keeps your workout moving and your body changing while giving muscles time to rest.  Yes, you should take a rest day (or two) per week. 
  • Begin the week with our most core-focused workouts; it's crucial to begin with the center. 
  • On Tuesday and Thursday, our workouts require a lot of "UP" movement. Our band system also takes you higher and decreases joint stress.  Achieve your best results by working against the bands by sculpting via Lithe's sponging technique.
  • Sculpting is crucial to increase muscle and decrease fat. Achieve your very best results by moving slower with precision a few days a week. 
  • Many of our sculpting workouts also utilize our Higher Power Band System: Waspie, Thnny, Higher Power, High Waisted, Waist Not, and  Endvy.
  • You DO need repetition. If you stop doing our barre sequences you'll see how your body changes!
  • Sore no more even after you've increased to 8 and 10 lb. weights? Good! Try not to use soreness as the gauge of a good workout.  You're in Maintain Mode, and that's a beautiful thing!
  • Beginner?  Returning from a hiatus?  Maybe you've been chasing a particular type of Lithe workout?  Get back to the classics with the movements and workouts that build your Lithe foundation: Waspie, Higher Power, Skinny Jeans/Sculpt, Twiggy, and Pom. 

Image of Lithe Instructor Rachel Dore via Dom

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