LITHE BEACH 2016! 4 May 2016

Our highly-touted beach workout, based on Lithe Escape's highly effective fitness, is available at the Jersey Shore ALL SUMMER LONG! Join instructors and Lithe creator Lauren Boggi for Lithe Beach

When: Saturday, 8:30-9:45AM from June 18-August 20.

Where: Margate: Exeter Ave.
            Avalon: 61 St.

Wear: A supportive bathing suit and sunscreen.

What's it like?: Surprising, challenging, empowering, rock-your-world amazing, and fun!

Bring: Water, yoga mat (or towel), a towel for drying off.

We supply: Enthusiasm, inspiration, and a$$ kicking moves.

Cost: Single class ($22); five class card ($100).

Sign up: Lithe Beach classes will be available to purchase.  When purchasing on Mindbody, select "Lithe Beach" instead of classes, then book your class on the Rittenhouse scheduler.

Please note: No public facilities are available before 10AM. Please utilize the restroom before class.

Current Schedule: Additional classes may be added in mid-July and August.

June 18:  Margate
June 25:  Margate 
July 2:  Margate & Avalon 
July 9:  Margate 
July 16:  Margate
July 23:  Margate
July 30:  Margate
August 6:  Margate
August 13:  Margate
August 20:  Margate



Coming to Jake's? Grab your girls and get ready for the time of your life. If there's one thing we feel that we've truly nailed, it's the art of packing for Lithe Escape. We can squeeze in just under a week's worth of outfits into a carry-on (recycling is key) and have our Escape beauty routine down to a minimum. We're pretty confident when we say we've got this one. Here's what you'll need.

Escape canvas bag by Forestbound

LAUREN IN NYC 3 May 2016


10AM Waspie and 11AM Sideline. Reserve here!


Elizabeth Staub

What’s your hidden talent? I am an amazing baker. I’m the first to volunteer to make homemade birthday cake because I have really strong feelings about boxed caked mix. And I love sharing all of the treats I bake. Sometimes I wonder if I missed my true calling and should have gone to culinary school to become a pastry chef.

What is your favorite Lithe workout to teach? Skinny Mini. It’s such a good blend of cardio, weights, and barre, plus it’s totally accessible for beginners and equally challenging for vets. It pops up a lot on the Main Line schedule on Friday evenings, and I think it’s the perfect gateway into the weekend. Throw in a good playlist and the hour flies by. 

Did you ever go through an awkward phase? There was a giant awkward phase between 13 and 22-years-old. I was definitely a late bloomer. Thankfully, social media wasn’t really a “thing” when I was in high school and most of college, so you will never find photographic evidence. 

What is your favorite body part? My eyelashes. They’re naturally long and curl on their own, but I’m always on the lookout for a new mascara to add length and volume. The more drama, the better (only for lashes, not in real life). Tell me all your favorites!

What is your nickname? I introduce myself as Elizabeth, but friends and co-workers end up calling me Liz. Four syllables are a lot to expect from people. My family calls me Betsy and probably always will.

Find Elizabeth on Instagram @ehstaub.

Image via Dom


Lithe Insider  

SPlit Split1

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What motivates you to stay consistent with Lithing? The results, of course! For me, that means increased strength, toned muscles, improved sleep patterns, and stress management. I started lithing when I moved back to Philadelphia after graduating from college (I grew up in Haverford). I barely worked out during undergrad, and Lithe converted me from a person who hated the gym to someone who works out every day.

When you've had a long day, how do you de-stress? Cooking is my stress-relief. I graduate from law school in May, so I've developed routines to help me manage it all. I love to come home from Lithe and cook a healthy meal for my fiancé and myself. It's nice to unwind and recap our days while eating something delicious. I also love visiting the Rittenhouse farmers' market after the 8:30AM Saturday class. It's the perfect morning routine. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? Even after nearly four years of lithing, there is always something new to master. Recently, I've been working on tricep push-ups on my toes. I can't go down all the way to the floor, but I'm getting there. 

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? I like routines and planning ahead, so I'd be a classic like Higher Power. You know you will get a great workout, you know which moves are coming, but it puts a smile on your face all the same. Plus, the CCS adds a little sass. 

What do your friends and/or family think you do when you're at the studio? Have you ever shown them your CCS moves? Lucky for me, my best friend since third-grade, Rebecca, is also my Lithe bestie, so all of our friends are used to hearing us talk about the latest classes and our favorite instructors. As for my fiancé, he's gotten so used to my Lithe obsession that he knows the names of my favorite classes and remembers that Tuesday Freestyle with Lauren is notoriously challenging. He always checks in on Tuesdays to see how tough the workout was. 

What is the first concert you went to? Backstreet Boys with Britney Spears, who wasn't famous yet, as the opening act. I met her at the back of the venue handing out signed copies of her CD to anyone who would take one. Of course 6-year-old me was too busy wondering when the Backstreet Boys were going to start to think about getting some random girl's autograph. If only I had known how famous she'd become.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what are the three products you'd need to survive? Bug spray since I get mosquito bites year round in Philadelphia, so I don't think I'd survive very long without some protection. Also, my Kindle because I love reading and the battery life lasts forever. And peanut butter. I can barely go a day without sneaking at least a spoonful straight from the jar. 

CORA 27 Apr 2016




Guided by science, backed by spirit. Cora™ means heart in Greek and is the next generation of accelerated strength building and weight loss workouts. Perfect for Lithers who want to push themselves and turn up the intensity. You'll sweat and sculpt rapidly with this whole life, whole body program taught by some of our most veteran instructors. It's our fastest, most effective plan yet! And all it takes is ten 75-minute workouts in four weeks. We've packaged it with Lauren Boggi's 4-week meal plan.  


How it works: Cora compresses cardio and sculpting moves into ten 75-minute rapid-result workouts. The routines are grouped into four progressive cycles that include our hottest studio moves, plus 30-second blasts which are shorter, revved up versions of our traditional interval training to produce targeted results. Like all things Lithe, every segment features our proprietary no-nonsense choreography and band system that continually works your muscles and abs, raises your heart rate, and maximizes the calorie burn. 


Week 1 / Cora Cycle 1: Lower impact, lighter weights (3-8 lbs. + Cora Bands)

Week 2 / Cora Cycle 2: Moderate to high impact, heavier weights (8-12 lbs. + Cora Bands)

Week 3 / Cora Cycle 3: Moderate impact, mod. to heavy weights (5-10 lbs. + Cora Bands)

Week 4 / Cora Cycle 4: Challenging cardio, heaviest weights (5-15 lbs. + Cora Bands)


Cora is held at Lithe Old City
Tues. & Thurs., 7PM-8:15PM
Sat., 11AM

Class 1: Tues., May 3 w/Lauren (measurements)
Class 2: Thurs., May 5 w/Liz G.
Class 3: Sat., May 7 w/Rachel D.
Class 4: Tues., May 10 w/Lauren
Class 5: Thurs., May 12 w/Sophie
Class 6: Tues., May 17 w/Danielle
Class 7: Thurs., May 19 w/Liz G.
Class 8: Sat., May 21 w/Gerri
Class 9: Tues., May 24 w/Bari
Class 10: Thurs. Mar. 26 w/Lauren (measurements)


Register for Cora fitness workouts + 4-week meal plan ($325)



  LitheEscapeBeach Bikes Escape 3 Escape2 Escape 4


Update:  Jake's has released one more Ocean View room to us! 


Accommodations at Jake's are double or single occupancy and almost all double occupancy rooms mean sharing a bed with another Lither. We are happy to help pair you up with a buddy if you'd like a double occupancy room. 


Ocean View Single, $3,260

Ocean View Double, $2,060

Garden View Single, $2,720 (sold out)

Garden View Double, $1,790 (sold out)

2 Bedroom Cottage Single $2,630 (sold out)

2 Bedroom Cottage Double: $1,740 (sold out)


The price includes your room accommodations, three daily meals, two Lithe Escape workouts each day, and transportation to and from Montego Bay Airport. Airfare, spa treatments, alcohol, and additional optional excursions and food are not included. 

Want to learn more? Download last year's Jake's Escape 2015 brochure. (The prices are the same, but the dates are different). Also check out @lithe_escape on Instagram. 

Ready to book your spot? Email Alicia, our friendly Lithe Escape concierge, will assist you with flight info and roommate details. If you would like to reserve your spot, we are only taking deposits via check for this trip. The $1,000 non-refundable deposit check can be made out to Lithe Method and dropped off at any studio in an envelope to Alicia's attention. We'll collect final payment a month before the trip.


Flight Info: 
The following flights include complimentary airport transportation: 



If you choose to take different flights, you'll need to book private transportation. A one-way ride is $135 and holds 1-3 people. Treasure Beach is a 3-hour drive from Montego Bay airport, so Thursday and Tuesday are very travel heavy with one workout late Thursday.

Images via Lithe Escape

UP CLOSE WITH JEN L. 26 Apr 2016

Jen LThis week we get up close with Jen Laucella!

What is your hidden talent?  Whenever I'm at work functions or outside of the Lithe or the dance world, my go-to hidden talent is that I was a professional dancer (retired about a year ago) and teach these awesome cheer-based workouts! Usually, it's a huge hit. A little less of a hidden talent here on fithiphealthy. I even took a Buzzfeed quiz recently to determine my hidden talent (very scientific, I assume) and I got ballet! I guess I'm pretty one dimensional, but I think it's a really fun dimension.

What is your favorite Lithe workout to teach?  Skinny Jeans. Hands down one of my favorite to take and also to teach.  I'm a sucker for perfect form so I love that the slower pace allows me to get to everyone and take a little extra time to fix a popped rib cage or misaligned knee. It's the bones of Lithe so it's so much fun to see someone have one of those light bulb moments where everything else seems to make sense. 

Do you have a specific song that can always pump you up? Anything and everything Spice Girls. 

What is your favorite body part?  My back. Have you ever noticed that dancers have the most beautifully sculpted backs? I'm super proud of my dancer's back. A lot of hard work went into it. There's so much musculature going on back there that a lot of workouts forget about, but dance (and now Lithe!) help me maintain mine.  [Side note: if you're ever in class with me, you'll hear "shoulders down, lift the chest" about a zillion times. That's no coincidence.]

What is your nickname?  One of my best friends in college was surprised to learn after a few weeks of knowing me as Jen, that my full name was Jennifer.  She got creative and started calling me Nif and it kinda stuck around.

You can follow Jen on Instagram @jlaucella

Image via Dom



What motivates you to stay consistent with Lithing? Hands down, it is the way I feel after I lithe, both physically and mentally. After my usual 7am class, I feel ready to conquer the day and much more alert at work. Never in my life did I go to the gym regularly or enjoy working out until I found Lithe. I am motivated by how great I feel, by the other strong women in the studio, and recently, by the fact that my wedding is less than two months away now!

When you've had a long day, what do you like to do to de-stress? There is absolutely nothing more I enjoy after a long day than coming home to my fiancé and either taking a long walk together or having a glass of wine on the couch. I am also a sucker for mindless television that will make me forget about the stressful day!

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? Completing ten hook jumps on each side, for sure! I find that the hook jump series in Pom is total body and totally challenging. I always strive to do ten on each side, and one day, I hope to do the push ups on my toes! The second most rewarding aspect of Lithe is finally being able to do tricep push ups. When I first started lithing, I could barely bend my arms to do a tricep push up, and now (depending on the day) I can almost do ten!

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? If you would have asked me three years ago when I began lithing, I would have said any class that doesn’t involve a CCS sequence. I even remember completing the immersion program and asking someone at the front desk which classes had sequences in them so that I could specifically avoid taking those. Now, I would say any class with CCS! I never played sports growing up and always thought of myself as uncoordinated, and the fact that I can get through All That with no problem is an incredible feeling!

What do your friends and/or family think you do when you're at the studio? Have you ever shown them your CCS moves? I don’t think anyone can truly understand what Lithe is unless they have taken a class themselves. The best part is when someone asks me what Lithe is and I tell them that there are “resistance bands from the ceiling and other props”…let’s just say I have gotten some strange looks! Very few people have seen me do a Pom or Tight End sequence, but I did complete one of Lauren’s Instagram challenges so a few friends did sneak a peek at my videos!

Have you met anyone through Lithe that has become a friend, in or out of the studio? I have met several people at Lithe and enjoy the camaraderie among the women that I see every morning. I am proud to say that I have gotten a few of my friends into Lithe, and enjoy working out along side of them- shout out to Dunham and Ange!



T-30 begins starts tomorrow!  That means it's time to post your #LitheResuts, #TMinus30 #RootedInSweat "before" photos

Taking great shots is easy. Choose a spot in your home with good lighting and wear your favorite body-skimming activewear (no baggy shirts!) or swimwear. Have someone take photos of you from the front, side, and back, and then share! Over the years we've received images of coffee cups, body parts, flowers, and food, but we (and you) need to see your body to really give this your all. Trust us, it works!  Don't want to blow up your personal Instagram feed with pictures of your hard work? We recommend creating a private account specifically for Lithe challenges. We can't wait to watch you get stronger. 


  DIva In Motion
Lithe Method

TGIF!  We are all for active wear that is easy, flattering, inspires confidence, allows you to see your alignment and stays put no matter how rigorous your workout may be.  This week's giveaway is one gorgeous Viva black/green jumpsuit (pictured above) and one 25% off gift card from Instructor Sophie Oh's Diva In Motion. Diva In Motion is redefining active wear with the best high-functioning jumpsuits from Brazil, Turkey and Spain that have the perfect look, feel, and performance. 

For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us why you want to win!  Two winners will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter.  Rules:  One entry per person.  Thank you, and good luck!

Jess Ender via Antrim & Spruce Photography

T-30 CHALLENGE 21 Apr 2016


Six weeks until Summer!  Are you ready to up the ante?  T-30 is the third and final challenge in our Earned In Winter series.  Sign up today through Monday, April 25th.


  • When: Monday, April 25-Tuesday May 24th
  • The Fitness & Food: Take 25 classes in 30 days, eat clean M-F
  • Hashtag calendar:

    4/25: #LitheResuts, #TMinus30 #RootedInSweat

    5/2: #EatingLithe, #TMinus30, #RootedInSweat

    5/9: #LitheLife #TMinus30, #RootedInSweat

    5/16 #LitheOnLocation, #TMinus30, #RootedInSweat

    5/24: #LitheResults, #TMinus30, #RootedInSweat

  • Everyone Wins: Everyone who completes the challenge and hashtag calendar wins a limited edition Lithe tank!

UNICORN 21 Apr 2016




It's the total-body tune-up with magical powers.  Unicorn is a powerful blend of our signature matwork with a foam roller; A rehabilitative, shoulder-to-toe rubdown of Lithe-specific spots with knots (talk about a happy hour!).  Foam rolling assists in breaking up trigger points (knots) that limit range of motion, resuming blood flow and function to the muscle.  Releasing trigger points helps to reestablish proper movement patterns and pain-free movement, and ultimately, enhances performance. By applying pressure to specific points on your body you are able to aid in the recovery of muscles and assist in returning them to normal function. Normal function means your muscles are elastic, healthy, and ready to Lithe at a moment’s notice.  Sound too good to be true?  It's not. 

• Born: May 2016

• You need: weights & a foam roller

• Coordination level: 1 (on a scale of 1-3)


Lauren Boggi & TSH 3

I’ve tried almost everything when it comes to health and beauty, and I’ve adopted a few habits over the years that have become absolutely essential to my everyday.  Many of you guys tell me that I glow, and I know that these little game-changers have made a massive impact on my health and beauty.

Bone Broth is a miracle food. If you’re looking for a natural tonic for total-body health and beauty, bone broth is it. When I started including bone broth as a regular part of my diet, everything improved – my digestion, my immunity, energy levels, my skin, and my joints. I've even passed the ritual on to my mom who has had 7-level spinal fusion three years ago and she's never felt or looked better. 

I use this mineral-rich liquid gold as a base for soups, sauces, and veggies, and I love sipping it straight every morning – usually with a pinch of Jacobson's sea salt, fresh pepper and a pinch of turmeric or Lithe Spice. 

Alphaeon & Val Daily skin care systems have been total game changers for me. In just three weeks my fine lines disappeared. Alphaeon smoothes, plumps, and hydrates without a needle or a laser. It's the only product proven to enter the dermis without an injection. It's fragrance-free and not tested on animals. Sold exclusively at Dr. Bucky's

Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting has transformed my body. I’m stronger, lean, muscularly balanced, more flexible, and less stressed. Movement is my happy place and I love the intense slow sculpting and the empowering high-energy cardio workouts. There's nothing else like it. 

Mindfulness is so powerful. I make sure to take a time out every day, and I always feel a million times better because of it. I use the Buddhify app. It's so easy. Just grab your phone; you’ll be a better partner/mom/employee/boss or friend because of it. 

Eating Lithe goes far beyond weight loss.  Many issues like bloating, fatigue, stress and depression originate in the gut. Eating whole, healthy foods is a game-changer when it comes to boosting your health. Adding superfoods, smoothies, cold-pressed juice, probiotics, and fermented foods (like kimchi and kombucha) keeps me energized and healthy. 

Foam Rolling is a part of my everyday because stretching is never enough. I want to feel fluid, and rolling improves circulation, which preps my body for my workout and helps it recover afterward. Foam rolling also assists in breaking up trigger points (knots that limit range of motion), resuming normal blood flow and function to the muscle.  Releasing trigger points (knots) helps to reestablish proper movement patterns and pain free movement, and ultimately, enhances performance. By applying pressure to specific points on your body you are able to aid in the recovery of muscles and assist in returning them to normal function. Normal function means your muscles are elastic, healthy, and ready to perform at a moment’s notice.  

All Girl Getaways are immensely therapeutic. It's the ultimate re-charge. For me, getting away with girlfriends and hitting the reset button is hands down the best way of getting out of a rut. I return with a renewed sense of energy, purpose and independence. The empowering benefits of a girls getaway is what inspired me to create Lithe Escape. The effects and results are deep-rooted and long-lasting.  

Lauren via Antrim & Spruce Photography


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.59.18 AM

What is your hidden talent? I can draw almost anything. I started taking art classes at a young age and it’s something that’s stuck with me my whole life. I was an Art History major at Penn State and am even certified as an art teacher. These days, I rarely have time to draw except to impress my 3-year-old daughter.

What is your favorite Lithe workout to teach? I really enjoy teaching any high cardio class, but if I had to choose one it would be Rock Steady, which also happens to be my favorite class to take. No matter which studio or time of day, the energy is off the charts. When everyone is perfectly in sync during the cardio sequence, it always gives me chills and brings back memories of my high school dance team.

Did you ever go through an awkward phase? Ugh. Yes! I sucked my thumb until I was 12. I had extreme buckteeth in front and I had braces – twice! 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I would love to be able to manipulate time. Too many great moments come and go in the blink of an eye. I think everyone has that moment or memory when they wished they could make time stand still.

Image of Julie by Dom


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.49.11 PM

What motivates you to stay consistent with Lithing? Staying fit! I first found Lithe when Lauren was starting out in Northern Liberties and my friend Kate and I took private reformer lessons with her. I was 60 pounds heavier and reacquainting myself with the inner athlete that I had let slip away. I loved the classes, but life happened, and buying a house, and planning a wedding prompted a tight budget and I had to say goodbye to Lithe. I continued on my fitness journey and dropped the weight, but after reading a write-up on what Lithe had become (new studios, classes, etc.), I knew I wanted to check it out again. That was probably six years ago and I haven't looked back. I love the variety of classes, the challenge, and most importantly, I love the tone that it has helped me achieve. I learned that there will always be a budget, but Lithe will always be in it. 

When you've had a long day, what do you like to do to de-stress? I enjoy simple things like making dinner with my husband and having a very large glass of wine. :)

What is the most rewarding aspect of Lithe to you? Being able to make it through the barre sequences. They are killer! And watching myself get stronger, being able to bump up my weights, and doing all the push-ups on my toes. I might loathe it while it's happening, but I have a sense of accomplishment when it's over. 

If you were a Lithe class, which would you be and why? Any of the rebounder classes. Each one is a serious workout, but have the fun side of being able to jump around on a trampoline like you are a kid again.  

What is the first concert you went to? Neil Diamond. "Forever in Blue Jeans" is still one of my favorite songs. 

Who is/was your celebrity crush? I was convinced that I was going to marry Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block when I was a kid. Still have a soft spot for him. 




TGIF! This week we're giving away one spot in the May Cora Program ($325 value). For a chance to win, please leave a comment below telling us why you'd love to take our Cora classes. A winner will be chosen at random on Monday, so you have three days to enter. One entry per person. Thank you, and good luck!


6 weeks until Summer!  We're celebrating the Lithe Spring Clean Challenge and YOUR hard work. Supercharge your results with a five-class pack for $65 (that's like $13 a class). Purchase online through Tuesday, April 19th at 12PM.

*One per customer. Five-class cards have a 30-day expiration. Limited quantities available. May not be combined with any other discount or promotion.

Image via Antrim + Spruce Photography

RUN THE BEACH! {2015 REPOST} 13 Apr 2016

Triangl1 Triangl

Happy April! Summer starts in 6 weeks, and we're ready to run the beach! Spring has sprung, so it’s time to soak up the sunshine, get prepped to rock that Earned In Winter body, and spend time with friends and family. I miss the concept of having a true spring break in my life — taking a week long break from work to reset and refresh (and lay on the beach with margarita in hand).

In honor of my much-anticipated break (and our upcoming Lithe Escape), I'm sharing some bikini tips with you.  A fantastic bikini is always the first item I pack when I’m traveling somewhere warm. These Triangl bikinis are my swimwear picks for the season. I love the supportive neoprene fabric, bright neon colors, and fantastic fit. 

If you choose to wear a bikini, you should show off your Lithe-earned body in a suit that you feel comfortable and confident in. Any Jane can wear a bikini, but to feel confident in a bikini is another story. Here are some tips so that you can run the beach: 

Try EVERYTHING on. Suits look completely different on your body than on the hanger. Untie first – you need to adjust the straps to your body (not the girl’s who tried it on before you) or you won’t get the right look or fit. 

Stringin' it? If you have a top with strings, tie it in the back first, and then stretch the cups over your breasts before tying behind your neck. Got a bottom with strings? Tie it so it sits on your hip bone. Don't go too low or even worse, too high. (Hello, David Lee Roth circa "California Girls.")

When a suit fits, you don’t get any “overspill.” Remember that everything has a place — inside your suit.  Watch out for super-skinny straps ... Narrow straps are rarely flattering and create back bulge if you have even a little meat on your bones.

Lithe it up! I highly recommend our Essential Workouts. Skinny Jeans and High Mini classes are our blueprint. Both tone your body and build your Lithe muscular structure with a quickness. 

Eat Lithe whenever possible. Eating Lithe (eating clean) will not only get you into your bikini, but it also makes you feel Lithe inside. Keep whole food (preferably raw) snacks on-hand at all times to keep energy levels up and hunger at bay. 

Lastly, check yourself before you wreck yourself – in a three-way mirror, that is. You want to be sure you look great from all angles. Once you find a perfect fit, take note of the brand. Companies rarely change their fit from year to year. It’ll make next year’s shopping that much easier!

Image of Triangl Swimwear and Lithe Bar via Celia Ragonese / Antrim + Spruce Photography

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